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BOTSOGO Tumor Board is on April 16th, 2024

BOTSOGO April 16th 2024, Tumor Board

June 2021: A 77 year-old man with back pain and weak urine stream

April 2021: Social and clinical effects of delayed radiation

March 2021: A 65 year-old female with bilateral femur fractures

January 2021: Staging and treating breast cancers in the face of imaging delays – as seen in two recent breast cancer cases

October 2020: Managing HIV and Cancer Care – A 36-year old man with non-healing wound following circumcision

September 2020: Cancer Care and Pregnancy – A 25 year old woman with neck mass

July 2020: A 49 year-old man facing amputation for a large left leg mass

May 2020: Safely providing radiation and cancer care during the COVID-19 pandemic

February 2020: Surgical and ethical considerations for a 92 year old woman diagnosed with ovarian teratoma

January 2020: Raised CA 15-3 in a Young Breast Cancer Patient

November 2019: The Vaginal Dilator Program: Successes and Challenges during the Last Two Years

October 2019: A 65 year-old man with prostate and rectal masses

September 2019: 64 Year Old Female With Anaemia And Cervical Mass: a Special Session Highlighting The Role Of Nurse Advocacy

August 2019: A 34 year-old woman with HIV presenting with rectal mass

July 2019: A 39 year old man with Penile Ulcer and Relationship Strain

June 2019: A 38-year-old man with HIV presenting with gastrointestinal bleeding

May 2019: A 32 year-old pregnant female with right breast lump

April 2019: A 51 year old female with abdominal distention

February 2019: Ethical Issues in Oncology

Jan 2019: A 69 year-old woman with breast mass and bloody fine needle aspirate

November 2018: A 62 year-old female with shortness of breath

October 2018: A 51 year old male with ascites and generalized lymphadenopathy

September 2018: A patient with cardiac failure and breast cancer

June 2018: Reproductive Issues in Young Females with Cancer

May 2018: Impactful science in Botswana: Research presentations by BOTSOGO scholars

April 2018: A 34 year-old woman with controlled HIV and flank pain

March 2018: A rare case of mucinous adenocarcinoma – perianal region

Feb 2018: A 61 year-old man with disabling extremity pain and persistent neck mass

Jan 2018: A 77-year-old man with penile and inguinal masses

November 2017: A 64yo female with tuberculous empyema not improving on treatment: A tribute and farewell to Dr. Alphonse Kayembe

October 2017: Three men with pain and difficulty urinating

September 2017: Two patients with suspected cancer presenting to rural and peri-urban clinics in Botswana

August 2017: A 40 year old female with Stage IA Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

July 2017: A 38 year old female with sexual dysfunction post-irradiation; Management of Sexual Survivorship Issues in Women receiving Pelvic Radiation

May 2017: A 61 year old patient with hoarseness of voice

February 2017: A young woman with breast cancer

January 2017: A 38 year old female with back pain

November 2016: Two men with hyper-pigmented skin lesions

October 2016: Three patients with prostate masses

September 2016: Two cancer patients with sudden swelling of limbs

August 2016: A 41 year old female with sexual dysfunction following treatment for cervical cancer

June 2016: Three females with fungating masses

May 2016: A male with a headache and a male with an ulcer on his foot

April 2016: Two young patients with unusual masses

March 2016: Three adults with headaches, numbness, and swelling

February 2016: Two middle-aged women with pelvic pain and bleeding

January 2016: Two patients with difficulty walking in Francistown

December 2015: Five patients needing radiation but no in-country access

November 2015: Two HIV-infected adolescents with skin lesions

October 2015: A 45 year-old woman with profound neutropenia and fever

September 2015: A 52 year-old woman with dysphagia for six months

July 2015: A 17 year old with swelling and skin lesions on his left leg

June 2015: A 32 year old woman with bilateral breast masses

May 2015: Two men with abdominal pain

March 2015: A 21 year old woman with a rapidly growing mass on palate

Eddie Reed Exchange Fellowship Program

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Cancer Symposium Sidebar

Feb 2015: A 66 year-old female with recurrent lesions of the nose

Jan 2015: Two patients with advanced cancer and difficulty walking.

November 2014: Two patients experiencing complications of treatment

October 2014: Three women with breast masses and arm swelling

September 2014: Three patients with dysphagia and pain

August 2014: Three men with elevated PSAs

July 2014: A 35 year-old female with skin lesions on the thighs and upper arms

The Untimely Passing of a Great Man: Eddie Reed, M.D., 1953–2014

Cervical Brachytherapy Exchange: Steps Toward Oncology Capacity Building in Botswana

June 2014: 59 year-old man presenting with a lump on the left eye and vision loss

Case 16-2014: A 46-Year-Old Woman in Botswana with Postcoital Bleeding

Meeting the Challenge of Cancer Care in Botswana, May 6-8, 2014

May 2014: A 90 year-old man presenting with a gingival mass

April 2014: A 41 year-old female with pain and bleeding after treatment for breast cancer

Addressing the Growing Cancer Burden in the Wake of the AIDS Epidemic in Botswana: The BOTSOGO Collaborative Partnership

March 2014: A 51 year-old woman presenting with epigastric pain

March 2014: A 51 year-old woman presenting with epigastric pain

February 2014 : A 52 year-old woman with an enlarging perineal mass

February 2014: A 52 year-old woman with an enlarging perineal mass

December 2013: Two men with groin and neck swelling

December 2013: Two men with groin and neck swelling

Cancer in Botswana: The Second Wave of AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa

November 2013: Two men with penile lesions

October 2013: 5 children with lower extremity masses

September 2013: A 29-year-old with vulvar cancer

July 2013: A 35 year-old female with skin lesions on the thighs and upper arms

May 2013: A 38 year-old woman and a 26 year-old man with neck and axillary masses

April 2013: Two men with breast masses

March 2013: A 47 year-old female with post-coital bleeding

February 2013: A 35 year-old woman with HIV and a tonsilar mass

February 2013: A 39 year-old male with bilateral pleural effusion

December 2012: A 29 year-old woman with a breast mass

November 2012: A 36 year-old female with epigastric pain

September 2012: A 39 year-old with Non-Hodgkins lymphoma

August 2012: A 65 year-old woman with dark heel mass

July 2012: A 20 year-old man with hepatocellular carcinoma

May 2012: A 35 year-old woman with leiomyosarcoma

April 2012: A 58 year-old male with lung mass

February 2012: A woman with cervical cancer